Event start: 2023-12-23

On 23 June 23 2022, Ukraine acquired the official status of a candidate for EU membership. The decision was made by the European Council at the meeting of the government heads of 27 EU member states. Therefore, our state has specific obligations to prepare for joining the EU. Our society must be ready for a historic moment.

The online course “Ukraine on the way to the EU" is part of the large-scale goal of the NGO “Network for Protecting National Interests of the National Security Agency”. That consists in improving the quality of human and managerial capital in Ukraine and promoting the successful integration of Ukraine into the EU and NATO. The course was created on the basis of live lectures by leading European and Ukrainian prominent figures in various fields within meetings “The ANTS European Studies”.

Online lectures are given by top professional politicians, experts, intellectuals, diplomats, and innovators.

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