Event start: 2024-02-05
Event finish: 2024-03-29
Last date: 2024-03-30

Sumy State University is an official partner of the EIT HEI DISCO project. It offers teachers and students a free interactive course “Basics of Cyber Hygiene”.

In times of war, when Ukrainian critical infrastructure is subject to constant cyber attacks, we all need to strengthen our cyber resilience.

The course “Basics of Cyber Hygiene” was developed by Estonian partners to strengthen the resilience of government agencies. It was also adapted by the International Cyber Academy. In Ukraine, more than 10,000 critical infrastructure and law enforcement officials have already taken the course. Now, it is available to NGOs and universities.

The interface of the interactive platform is friendly and the course material is easy to understand. The course consists of 28 cases. They explain the basics of cyber hygiene and build “a risk matrix” that shows the strengths and weaknesses of training participants.

Access to the Platform is available 24\7. The course can take 3 to 7 days to complete. To take the course, you need to register here.