Post Date:
16 August 2022

The student rectorate of Sumy State University organized a charity house concert, during which more than 9.5 thousand UAH were collected for the needs of the military.

The cultural and artistic center and public catering complex of Sumy State University, public formation "Sparta" joined the event. Everyone was invited to participate.

Bands and performers from Sumy State University and the city of Sumy, as well as a charity auction with cakes from the head of the KGH of Sumy State University Oleksandr Chekhovsky, awaited the guests of the house concert.

All funds collected by the student rectorate were sent to the charitable organization "Public Fund "Sumy".

"The idea of ​​holding a charity house concert came to mind after seeing the all-Ukrainian campaign "Univer 4.5.0". We thought that it would be good to support our defenders locally, the Bayraktars are a good thing but there is a need for other things that we can collect here and now. The fact that it was possible to collect at least 3 medicine kits of the IFAK standard was the desert of everyone who joined the tenant. Another mission of the event is moral support for students, graduate students, and guests of our university, which is very important during such a period. I would like to express gratitude to our defenders, thanks to whom we can hold such events and support the fighting spirit of the people of Sumy", the Acting Officer Kyrylo BALATSENKO of SumDU student rectorate said.