24 June 2019

On June 22nd-23rd Hungarian city of Paks hosted the Europe Junior Judo Cup. Medical Institute student Anastasiia Antipina won the bronze award in the weight category up to 63 kg. Anastasiia started her tournament by defeating the sportswoman from the Netherlands in the first tour, but in the next fight in extra time she lost to Hungarian Lara Cvjetko. Having fallen to the lower bracket, our contestant didn’t lose her eagerness. The three fast, flawless and confident victories over the representatives of Germany, Slovenia and France allowed Anastasiia to go up the third step of the victory podium.

Two more representatives of the Medical Institute (major “Sport”) of SumDU took part in the competition, however they stopped one pace away from the medals. Nataliia Chystiakova in the weight category up to 78 kg stopped on the 5th place, and Vadym Nazarenko was the 7th in the weight category up to 73 kg.