According to Order of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science №832 as of 19.09.2022, students will be granted presidential scholarships. It is valid for the first 2022/2023 term.

On 14 September 2022, Sumy State University hosted an online event: initiation into students. For this year, first-year students meet a great challenge – wartime study. However, everybody defends to keep our country Free, Strong and Independent!

On the first World Cup Day among wrestlers in Samsun (Turkey), SumDU students were awarded with two medals.

On 20 September 2022, SumDU hosted an online conference “Students’ Sport as a Way of Stable Society Development”. It was organized by SumDU and Sumy Department of Ukrainian Students’ Sport Community.

Sumy State University was represented in a Belsat international channel report. Journalists talked to Inna SHKOLNYK (the vice-chancellor for research and teaching). Also, there were chats with students and visits to university shelters. Besides, online study issues were discussed.

On 12 September 2022, the Turkish embassy delegation visited Sumy State University. It was headed by Yağmur Ahmet GÜLDERE (the Turkish ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary in Ukraine).

Artem ARTIUKHOV (associate professor of the Marketing Department, leader of the academic integrity university group) held a weekly training “Research: From Idea to Its Commercialization”. Among visitors, there were 50 representatives from 5 Kazakh higher education institutions.

Alla KRASULIA (a senior lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology) spoke at the EUPRIO-2022 conference. There, she represented our university as a new EURPIO member. That stands for the European Association of Communication Professionals in Higher Education.

On 2 September 2022, members of Sumy State University participated in the international conference “Educational Cooperation between Ukraine and Morocco: Future Prospects”. Held and dedicated to foundation of the Global Ukraine University Campus in Africa, the event was supported by Universiapolis (International University of Agadir).