24 March 2020

There is a series of webinars for medical workers on the peculiarities of work during the epidemiological situation are going on at SumDU, which are conducted by the scientists of the university with a technical support of the specialists of the Center of Media Broadcasting of SumDU.

On March 24th a webinar was organized at SumDU for medical professionals and family doctors on the use of personal protective equipment during contact with patients. The webinar was hosted by Mykola Chemych, the Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases with Epidemiology of the Medical Institute, the Chief Expert of the Regional Infectious Diseases Department Iryna Trotska and instructors of the Public Health Center, representatives of Sumy Regional Organization of the Red Cross Society.

This is the second webinar for medical professionals held with the information support of Sumy State University scientists and technical support of the Center of Media Broadcasting. The first webinar for infectious disease doctors was held on March 20th and has already been viewed by about 2,900 people.

The materials can be seen at the channel of the Media Broadcasting Center of SumDU.