Post Date:
17 June 2020

On June 12th-13th, the water-rowing base of SumDU held the Cup of Ukraine in ship modeling sport, models of "M" section (high-speed radio-controlled models) “The Cup of SumDU-2020".

The competition was held without the audience and in compliance with the quarantine regulations. Athletes from Sumy, Dnipropetrovsk regions, Kyiv and Poltava cities took part in the competition. In total 24 athletes took part in the competition - 14 adults and 10 juniors. The national team of the Sumy region was represented by the athletes of the SumDU team (coach Pavlo Rudenko) and athletes from Hlukhiv (coach Mykola Hrudyna).

Our athletes took the first team place in the category "Juniors", ahead of the Dnipro city team. In the category "Sportsmen" the Sumy region team took the second place.

Award-winning places ("Juniors"):

Oleksii Chechel (Hlukhiv), class of ECO mini models - 2nd place; ECO TEAM mini - 1st place;

Dmytro Borshch (Hlukhiv), ECO eхреrt - 1st place, ECO TEAM mini - 1st place;

Mykyta Tereshchenko (Sumy, Sumy State University), ECO eхреrt - 2nd place, "MONO-1" - 1st place, mini HYDRO - 1st place;

Oleksii Dudnyk (Sumy, Sumy State University), mini MONO - 1st place, mini HYDRO - 2nd place, ECO TEAM mini ("Adults") - 3rd place;

Kyryl Tuman (Hlukhiv), mini MONO - 2nd place, "HYDRO-1" - 1st place, ECO TEAM mini - 1st place.

Award-winning places ("Adults"):

Yevheniia Rudenko (Sumy, Sumy State University), ECO mini – 2nd place, ECO TEAM mini - 3rd place;

Pavlo Rudenko (Sumy, Sumy State University) mini HYDRO - 1st place, ECO TEAM mini - 3rd place.