18 November 2020

On November 17th, Sumy State University celebrated International Students' Day. The winners of the annual "Best Student" competition were officially announced as part of the online celebrations.

Acting Rector of SumDU, Professor, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine - Anatoliy Vasylyev congratulated the students on the holiday. He emphasized the principles of student-centeredness, which our university adheres to, and the limitless number of opportunities that the university provides for professional and personal development. Anatoliy Vasylyev noted high scientific achievements, impressive performance in sports and art, the active public position of SumDU students.

On the occasion of the holiday, the Head of the institution wished the students to be active and purposeful. "Shape yourself for the present and the future," - said Anatoliy Vasylyev.

Traditionally, the winners of the contest "The best student of SumDU" were determined in several nominations, emphasizing scientific, educational, social, and cultural achievements.

Polina Kucherenko, a student of Oleg Balatskyi Academic and Research Institute of Finance, Economics and Management, and Yelyzaveta Polianska, a student of Academic and Research Institute of Law, became the best in the category "Scientific Activity".

The winners in the category "Educational activity" - students of Academic and Research Institute of Business Technologies "UAB" Olha Yeremenko and the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies Vladyslav Izemenko.

However, student life is not limited to learning and scientific achievements. Active and purposeful students of SumDU can show leadership qualities in the system of student self-government, trade union work, or volunteer movement. The most active public figures are marked in the corresponding nominations.

In the nomination "Public figure" the student of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications Sofia Malus was the winner. Artem Osadchyi, a student of the Medical Institute, was recognized as the "Best student-volunteer", and Daiana Tarasiuk, a student of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications, is the first in the nomination "Trade Union Worker".

Much attention at our university is also paid to creative development. The winners of all-Ukrainian and international competitions are nurtured in the project groups and studios of the Cultural and Art Center, and iconic local and regional concerts can’t be without our creative teams.

The winner in the nomination "Cultural and artistic activity" was Alina Mykolenko - a student of Academic and Research Institute of Law and Oleksandr Myronenko - a student of the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies.

Foreign students studying at SumDU also do not stand aside from student life. This year's winner in the nomination "Best Foreign Student" was a representative of the Medical Institute Vireco Andrew Avuah.

Our athletes are distinguished by numerous sporting achievements. Among them are winners and prize-winners of World Universiades, competitions and championships of all-Ukrainian, European, and world levels. Thus, Eduard Zabuzhenko from the Medical Institute and Artem Ovchynnikov from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technologies were recognized as the "Best Sportsmen" of SumDU in 2020.

Larysa Shevchuk, a student of the Medical Institute, became the best in the nomination "Work in residences".

And the main intrigue of the day is the announcement of the winner of this year's contest "The best student of SumDU". This is Svitlana Vakal, a student of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technologies.

The girl studies at the section of Information Technologies of Design of the Department of Computer Science is a regular participant of scientific and practical conferences, has scientific publications, is engaged in public activities. After receiving a master's degree, Svitlana plans to enter postgraduate school. The victory in the contest "The best student of SumDU 2020", according to her, came as a surprise, because she had to compete with the best among the best. “At the same time, I was overwhelmed by feelings of shock, panic, euphoria, pride, excitement, I wanted to share the award with the whole world”, - the winner does not hide her emotions. - “This is probably the second-best day of positive emotions and feelings after my daughter's delivery”.

Svitlana Vakal thanks her favorite Faculty of Electronics and Information Technologies for the opportunities to realize herself as a successful person.

"Special thanks to the Department of Computer Science, where teachers always make advances and help in all endeavors, not only teach but also provide confidence, psychological support, and sometimes a conditional "kick", which is so necessary for a confident step into a successful future", - noted the best student of SumDU 2020.

Sumy State University is proud of its students, sincerely congratulates this year's winners of the competition on a well-deserved award, and wishes further success, fulfillment of personal and professional dreams, new achievements, and victories!