Post Date:
14 May 2021

On May 13th, Sumy State University held the “Miss SumDU” contest. 9 participants - representatives of various institutes and faculties of the university competed for the crown of the winner.

This year's theme of the competition is a trip around the world, so the contestants appeared in the images of flight attendants in the presentation video. Other entrances were related to the countries of the world - the acquaintance took the audience to France, and the fashion show in the swimsuits allowed to plunge into the mysterious atmosphere of Egypt. The contestants demonstrated their talents also in a thematic way.

All the girls showed themselves in the best way - beautiful, smart, artistic, so, according to the jury, each participant won in a certain category:

"Miss Grace" - Maria Shtanko (Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies);

"Miss Photomodel" - Margaryta Kalinina (Academic and Research Institute of Law);

"Miss Sophistication" - Kseniia Ustymenko (Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology);

"Miss Charm" - Anastasiia Belokon (Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology);

"Miss Perfection" - Yelyzaveta Krasii (Medical Institute);

"Miss Artistry" - Nadiia Hrynchenko (Medical Institute);

"Miss Elegance" - Mariia Novhorodtseva (Academic and Research Institute of Business, Economics and Management);

"Miss Talent" - Dariia Musienko (Academic and Research Institute of Business, Economics and Management);

"Miss Originality" - Anastasiia Dediukhina (Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications).

The winners in the nominations "Miss Internet Favorite" and "Miss Audience Choice" were determined separately by the audience voting.

Miss Internet favorite - Margaryta Kalinina

Miss Audience Choice:

Third place - Kseniia Ustymenko

Second place - Yelyzaveta Krasii

First place - Nadiia Hrynchenko

As a result of the contest, the second runner-up was Mariia Novhorodtseva, the first runner-up Anastasiia Dediukhina, and the desired title of "Miss SumDU" was awarded to Yelyzaveta Krasii.

The winner is a fourth-year student majoring in Medicine, her dream is to become a highly qualified and successful pediatrician. Yelyzaveta chose the Netherlands to represent herself in the talent contest, because, in her opinion, it is this country that fully reflects her own worldview - to live life to the fullest and take everything from life. The girl says about her rivals that all the contestants are very diligent, and each of them is worth winning.

Sumy State University congratulates the winner and participants of the competition. We wish you many interesting journeys, rapid rises and significant victories in your life!