Post Date:
15 September 2023

Yurii PETRUSHENKO (DSc in Economics, professor, head of the Department for International Economic Affairs) was invited to the James Madison University. Here in Virginia (the USA), he participated in the work of the Institute for Civil Studies and Democracy Learning. It was held on 3-10 September 2023.

James Madison University is one of the leading public universities in the United States specializing in social studies. According to the Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education Rankings, it is the most highly recommended university for studying among USA institutions. Its campus is considered one of the best in the United States. For more information, visit the university website:

The Institute for Civic Studies and Democracy Learning was an intensive 8-day international academic seminar that brought together a group of 20 researchers from around the world. They are engaged in issues related to the development of civil society, the role of education in democracy promotion and economic change, the role of institutions in the development of civil society, and issues related to the ethical foundations of civic issues in a democratic society. The researchers discussed topical problems in democracy support and development. Besides, they concerned the challenges posed by Russia’s war against Ukraine. They also identified further steps of cooperation, planned joint publications and projects.

During the event, a scientific monograph co-authored by Yuriy Petrushenko was presented: Transformative Civic Education in Democratic Societies. Michigan State University Press. Details: