23 March 2020

Due to the All-Ukrainian quarantine the education process of all the modes of study in the university is conducted in the distance mode. Andrii Loboda, Director of the Medical Institute of SumDU, told about the organization of medical students’ education on the air of “CTC” TV channel.

He noted that SumDU system of distance learning under conditions of quarantine proved its effectiveness. Teachers and students have corporate electronic cabinets via which due to mobile devices the communication of the educational process participants is conducted online, sending the tasks, their checking etc.

Andrii Loboda highlighted that the elements of distance learning were used in the university before quarantine, the platform of the mixed learning was actively implemented, so the transfer entirely to the distance mode of study will provide students with essential level of knowledge and its quality.

“For the period of quarantine national and international medical students stay at the dormitories, accommodations with the Internet access. They were given the recommendations of actions at the period of pandemic”, - Andrii Loboda noted.

According to him, when necessary medical students will be ready to provide assistance to the medical facilities of the city to treat patients infected by COVID-19.