23 March 2020

On 23rd of March the session of the rectorate took place online due to quarantine at SumDU. Henceforth rectorates and other meetings will be conducted online.

SumDU rector Anatoliy Vasylyev disclosed a number of normative documents according to which the university staff is working in the period of precautionary measures. In particular, the question was about ensuring of a stable educational process for the students of all the modes of study, including the possible defences of qualification papers via distance technologies. There were no changes in the educational process schedule.

“The university is highly technological and has a number of platforms and resources to conduct distance education in any major like MiX, “OCW SumDU”, Examenarium, the constructor of educational materials Lectur.ED etc.”, - the Director of the Organizational and Methodical Center of E-learning Technologies Yurii Zuban noted. He highlighted that SumDU teachers are actively using different opportunities for distance learning for the students. There are support channels in functioning in social media for teachers consulting, and IT services created “hotlines” for operative reaction to employees appeals.