Post Date:
05 January 2024

On 5 January 2024, Sumy State University signed a cooperation agreement with Lintech ICT Academy (Nigeria).

The solemn procedure was held online. The partnership intentions were documented by Vasyl KARPUSHA (rector of Sumy State University) and Dr. Bright-Light Allen (president of Lintech ICT Academy).

Other SumDU participants were Mykola BOZHKO (head of the International Education Department), Tetiana MAIBORODA (deputy head of the International Cooperation Department). From Lintech ICT Academy, there was the business manager Tobias Israel NOBEL. He is also a graduate of Sumy State University and its ambassador in Africa continent.

“I remember with pleasure Ukraine and, of course, the years of study at Sumy State University. This is something I will never forget in my life. This is a country in which I spoke another language, and I learned this at Sumy State University. Ukraine will forever be my second home. SumDU will remain in my heart and thoughts,” – said Tobias Israel NOBEL (a 2018 Management graduate).

He personally thanked Tatiana MAIBORODA for high-quality teaching, attentive attitude that foreign students felt towards themselves during their years of study at Sumy State University.

Dr. Bright-Light Allen expressed interest in the affiliation of Lintech ICT Academy with Sumy State University, which he knows as a leading and one of the most innovative institutions of higher education in Ukraine and Europe.

“We will be grateful for the partnership. It will assist Lintech ICT Academy in providing Nigerian and African students with quality education,” – noted Dr. Bright-Lite Allen.

Vasyl KARPUSHA emphasized that the university has a long and successful experience of cooperation with Nigeria. He regards collaboration with Lintech ICT Academy as important for the further institution development. In particular, that concerns IT: certified courses, joint development of programs, etc. He stressed that Sumy State University has developed a powerful system of distance education as a separate form of education. That is realized in curricula for computer sciences, economics, business, social and engineering sciences. Within cooperation, distance training will become a separate valuable direction for Nigerian students at SumDU.

“I am sure the signed agreement is a start of successful future partnership. Many interesting joint projects will begin,” – concluded Vasyl KARPUSHA.

He expressed hope that very soon peace will come to Ukraine and the parties will have an opportunity to exchange visits.