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11 September 2020

In 2020, 7 projects from SumDU were supported within the EU Erasmus+ programme, category - the Jean Monnet programme, which is the highest indicator in Ukraine. In total, out of 278 applications submitted by the national HEIs 38 projects were supported by the European Commission. The success of Sumy State University is a clear confirmation of the team's efforts to integrate into the European and world educational spaces, the introduction of European standards and values into the university activity.

On September 9th, with the support of the National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine, SumDU held the kick-off meeting of this year winning teams, the main purpose of which was to get acquainted with the conditions of the projects in this category and create a platform for interaction and dissemination of the best practices among project teams.

According to Erasmus+ university coordinator, the Head of the International Affairs Department of SumDU Kostyantyn Kyrychenko, such a successful result became possible through the persistent and hard work of university scientists, the introduction of peer-review procedures, which were carried out by the Coordination Center of grant writing of SumDU.

The projects’ topics involve the best EU practices on the issues of economic policy and civil society, transfer to a sustainable society in within the industry 4.0 and 5.0 on the basis of the EU experience, protection of the rights of financial services consumers according to the European standards, implementation of integrated communications to inform the community regarding the European integration and electronic democracy, using the European experience in the sphere of biomedicine, implementation of the best EU practices in the sphere of economics without carbon, using the European experience of small and medium enterprises’ activity, etc.

Each successfully implemented Erasmus+ project becomes a driving force for the development of the most successful areas of the university, and for staff and students - a significant stage of their own professional and personal development. The university has relevant experience, potential and reliable partners for the successful implementation of new projects!