Post Date:
03 February 2021

On February 3rd, Serhii Khrystoliubov, the Regional Director of QS Ranking Agency in Eastern Europe and Central Asia visited Sumy State University.

During a meeting with the university management, a representative of one of the world's most established ranking agencies stressed the high level of professional dialogue between SumDU and QS, highlighting the SumDU competence in working with scientometrics and bibliometrics out of other Ukrainian higher education institutions.

Serhii Khrystoliubov noted the achievements of Sumy State University, which influence the determination of its position in the QS ranking. Among the best indicators, the regional director of the agency named, in particular, the share of employees and teachers who have a degree, the number of employees and teachers per student, the number of foreign students, and more. Serhii Khrystoliubov also shared recommendations for continuing the positive dynamics and further increasing the positions in the rankings of universities around the world, considering the potential of SumDU.

The Acting Rector of SumDU, Professor Anatoliy Vasylyev noted that the performance in the QS ranking is a significant achievement, given that the ranking of the British agency is more accurate when it comes to the assessment of higher education institutions. Anatoliy Vasylyev emphasized the highly differentiated system of incentives for teachers and employees for publishing activity, scientific activity, and other components of the university's development that influence the evaluation of the ranking agencies. "SumDU has a development strategy not only to increase its position in the overall QS ranking in the near future but also to enter the branch rankings," - the Acting Rector said.

During the visit, a representative of QS got acquainted with the material and technical base and developments of SumDU, which help the university to achieve high results. He looked around the exhibition of scientific activity, got acquainted with the technological capabilities of the university library, and reviewed the book antiquity - a facsimile edition of the Peresopnytsia Gospel. Serhii Khrystoliubov got acquainted with the possibilities of the training and research laboratory of virtual and augmented reality "Ulab", visited the "University Hospital", as well as some cultural and sports facilities of SumDU.