Post Date:
29 September 2021

On September 28, Sumy State University hosted an online conference “Internationalization of Higher Education - The Experience of the THEA Ukraine Project: Expanding Prospects for Ukrainian HEIs”.

The event was organized by SumDU together with the Münster University of Applied Sciences (Germany) within the project "THEA Ukraine: Advanced training for management staff of higher education institutions in Ukraine with the support of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD".

The conference was attended by the leading German and Ukrainian experts on the internationalization of higher education and science, participants in the project "THEA Ukraine", representatives of almost 100 universities in Ukraine and Germany.

The conference participants got acquainted with the results and developments of the THEA Ukraine project, discussed the prospects of internationalization of the European Higher Education Area, shared best practices of German and Ukrainian universities on the organization of successful international cooperation. Representatives of SumDU presented their own experience and experience of practical implementation of project developments. In particular, the Head of the of International Affairs Department Kostyantyn KYRYCHENKO shared the results of the joint project of SumDU with Münster University of Applied Sciences, which lasted three years and was aimed at improving the skills of management staff dealing with internationalization.

This event opened the prospects for further cooperation of SumDU with German and Ukrainian partners in the preparation of joint grant projects in the framework of powerful international programmes funded by Germany and the EU.