Post Date:
22 April 2022

Sumy State University facilitated the performance of the puppet show for young residents of the regional center.

For the first time, in terms of the martial law lasting for 55 days, actors of the Sumy Regional Theater for Young Spectators performed a play for Sumy children. The fabulous play was shown in one of the bomb shelters of SumDU in compliance with safety rules.

In an interview with the STS TV channel, the correspondents of which visited the performance in the shelter, the rector of SumDU Vasyl KARPUSHA stressed the importance of filling life with positive emotions to reduce the impact of negative experiences caused by the war. And especially children need such positive feelings.

One of the most favourite and popular children's performances “Koza-dereza" gave the young Sumy audience a flurry of pleasant and joyful emotions.