Post Date:
03 May 2022

On April 28, swimming competitions among schoolchildren of the regional center took place in the swimming-pool of Sumy State University.

The running of competitions was traditionally planned for February (this year - February 24), but for obvious reasons, it was postponed.

The tournament was attended by young athletes aged 10 to 18 in 4 age categories: born in 2007 and older, born in 2008-2009, born in 2010-2011, born in 2012 and younger.

In his welcoming speech, SumDU Vice-Rector Oleksandr BRIZHATY wished the participants numerous victories in water distances.

About 80 boys and girls from 4 teams joined the championship: Center for Water Sports of SumDU Sports Club, Children and Youth Sports School #1, Children and Youth Sports School "Dynamo", Fitness and Sports Society "Dynamo".

Participants overcame the distance of 50 meters freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly, as well as 100 meters - complex swimming. In addition, the 4x50 mixed relay was combined in the competition program.

The winners received prizes. Participants also competed in a quiz. The prize is sportswear and equipment.

Congratulations to the young athletes, we wish you to continue to achieve high results on the blue tracks.

We would like to remind you that the SumDU swimming pool resumed work on April 25. For visitors: six 25-meter tracks, starting tables, two jump towers 3 and 5 meters high, professional coaches, and comfortable conditions.