Post Date:
15 June 2022

The Arab interactive news channel Al-Hadath (Saudi Arabia) released a report about the activities of Sumy State University, in particular - working with international students in martial law.

"Putin has said that Ukrainian troops are holding their student's hostage," the headline said. The channel's journalists decided to debunk the lies of Russian propaganda and show the conditions in which international students live and study in Sumy, visited educational buildings and dormitories, and talked to teachers and university staff. The story also mentioned students and graduates of SSU who laid down their lives in the fight against Russian aggression.

In an interview with Al-Hadath, the rector of SSU Vasyl KARPUSHA spoke about how the university took care of the lives and safety of international students in Sumy in the first month of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, evacuation and further studies at the university. The rector emphasized that currently, the study takes place in a synchronous-asynchronous format. Most classes are conducted online, and international students actively participate in lectures and plan to continue their studies at SSU.