Post Date:
29 July 2022

Dear colleagues and students! 

This year our country is celebrating the Day of Ukrainian Statehood for the first time. It is extremely frustrating that this important event is saddened by a terrible war, by the encroachment of a neighboring aggressor country on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, on its freedom and statehood. Today, like many previous generations, Ukrainians are forced to defend the sovereignty of their country with weapons in hand.

The lives of our compatriots are a terrible and indescribably painful price that Ukraine pays to preserve its statehood and independence, to return peace, quietness, and well-being to our homes.

We would like to express our deep respect for the brave sons and daughters of Ukraine who gave their lives defending our native land. Huge gratitude is also expressed to the heroes who are protecting the integrity of the Ukrainian state today on hellish fronts, to sincere and good friends in different countries of the world helping our Armed Forces.

Each of us brings the happy moment of victory closer with our conscientious and self-sacrificing work. We believe that it is already close thanks to the courageous and brave defenders of Ukraine, thanks to the strength of will and spirit, the unity and cohesion of our people, and the support of partner countries.

In this difficult time, we, the current generation of the Ukrainian nation, more than ever before, are aware of the true value of statehood, know the weight of freedom and independence, feel pride and responsibility for our country, and are proud of the courage of Ukrainians.

I wish all of us good health, unbreakable faith in victory, the happy fate of the Ukrainian state, and the successful future of Sumy State University!

We are free! We are strong! We will stand! We will win!

Happy Ukrainian Statehood Day!

Rector of Sumy State University Vasyl KARPUSHA