Post Date:
03 August 2022

The website of the University of Liverpool reported on the results of the International Summer School, which was attended by students and employees of Sumy State University.

Almost 80 representatives of Sumy State University graduated from the International Summer School program of the University of Liverpool. Four of them attended the Liverpool Summer School in person, another 74 took the course online.

The online modules included issues of the sustainable development goals, global challenges, fake news, critical thinking, and more. Participants of the program, who studied on the campus of the University of Liverpool, studied disciplines related to corporate social responsibility, the culture of the 60s in Liverpool, leadership in modern business, psychology, sports, and culture. Guests from Ukraine also took part in a number of social events, including visits to Liverpool's cultural institutions and two city cathedrals, an excursion to the Liverpool football club and a trip on the Mersey ferry. Participants also visited Wales and the Lake District.

Marina UTKINA, a senior lecturer at the Department of Criminal Law and Judiciary at the Academic and Research Institute of Law of Sumy State University, shared her impressions of the Summer School: "The Summer School is a unique opportunity not only to gain knowledge in the subjects that each of us has chosen, but also to immerse ourselves in the life of Liverpool. The school program is structured in such a way that you always have excursions”.

Nataliya VOLNUSHKINA, a student of the Academic and Research Medical Institute of Sumy State University, noted: "The atmosphere at the summer school is simply incredible. There is a lot of support and help, there are various excursions and interactive activities outside the university. The summer school is attended by students from different countries, and each of them is friendly and sociable. We exchanged experiences and learned about other cultures. I am grateful to the University of Liverpool for this opportunity!”

More information about the Summer School can be found on the website of the University of Liverpool at the link: https://news.liverpool.ac.uk/2022/07/28/ukrainian-students-graduate-from-universities-international-summer-school/