Post Date:
04 August 2022

On August 3, at Sumy State University, celebrations were held on the occasion of the achievements of athletes at the 6th European University Games (Lodz, Poland).

According to the total number of medals won at these competitions, Ukraine took the 3rd place, and Sumy State University became the leader among participating Ukrainian universities and entered the TOP-12 European universities in terms of the number of won medals, Sumy State University athletes have 8 of them (2 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze).

Representatives of the university administration, coaches, as well as honored guests gathered to congratulate the student-athletes with high results: people's deputy of Ukraine, deputy chairman of the Supervisory Board of Sumy State University, president of the Sumy Regional Volleyball Federation Ihor MOLOTOK, director of the Department of Education and Science of the Sumy Regional Military Administration Victoria HROBOVA, director of the Sumy Regional branch of the Physical Education and Sports Committee of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science Vladyslav MASLOV. The president of the Sports Student Union of Ukraine, the rector of the Kyiv National University of Physical Education and Sports Yevhen IMAS, and the Chairman of the Physical Education and Sports Committee of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science Vadym STETSENKO joined the event online.

More than 400 universities took part in the games. The Ukrainian national team was represented by a team of 230 students from 41 higher education institutions. According to the results of the competition, the Ukrainian student team won 62 medals: 19 gold, 25 silver, and 18 bronze. Ukraine took the 2nd place in the total number of medals and the 3rd place in the number of gold medals.

38 athletes competed for the national teams of Sumy State University. The performances of our judokas were especially successful, it was their victories that brought our team the first place among higher education institutions of Ukraine.

The national teams of Sumy State University in volleyball, beach handball, and the women's beach volleyball team stopped one step away from awards (the 4th place). For these teams, the competition on the European sports arena was their debut.

"It is a great honor and responsibility for us to represent our native university and Ukraine at prestigious European competitions. We really wanted to raise the flag of victory over the European sports arena, so that all the participants of the competition and the entire European community could see that we are a strong and invincible nation, that we are a united sports team of one of the best universities in Ukraine. And thanks to our coaches and mentors, we succeeded. The Victory Cup is at the Sumy State University!", this is how the students-winners evaluated their performance.

The preparation of playing teams was complicated by the suspension of the calendar games of the Championships of Ukraine due to the pandemic, and this year - due to martial law. So, the teams were preparing for the European games in the complete absence of competitive practice. But the sportsmen's motivation for victory, their patriotism and the experience of the coaches made it possible for the game teams to reach the finals without defeat.

"This result speaks of the will of our student-athletes to win, because for some time, due to the martial law, they did not have the opportunity to train. The obtained cup has double weight, and even though it looks light, its filling is very important", the rector Vasyl KARPUSHA of Sumy State University concluded.

We congratulate our athletes and coaches on the successful representation of the university at the 6th European Games, we wish them successful starts and victories in all sports arenas!