Post Date:
29 September 2022

According to Order of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science №832 as of 19.09.2022, students will be granted presidential scholarships. It is valid for the first 2022/2023 term.

Among scholarship holders, there are six SumDU students with the highest study, research and public achievements. They are:

  • Kseniia ZHUKOVA (Medical Institute);
  • Kseniia ZAITSEVA (Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies);
  • Vlasdyslav PIVEN (Academic and Research Institute of Business, Economics and Management);
  • Viktoriia SMAL (Academic and Research Institute of Law);
  • Ruslana CHUKHNO (Academic and Research Institute of Business, Economics and Management);
  • Serhii FEDORCHENKO (Faculty of Electronics and Information Technologies).

Sumy State University is proud of scholarship holders and wishes them further success.

Notes: The presidential scholarship has been awarded since 1994 for Ukrainian students and postgraduates who succeeded in study and research as well as possible. For students, the awarding issue is considered twice a year and depends on examination results. For postgraduates, that is done annually according to ministry or executive authority orders.