Post Date:
10 November 2022

On 9 November 2022, Vasyl KARPUSHA (the SumDU rector) and Anatolii VASYLIEV (the Academic Council head) held the press conference “The SumDU Educational Front: Reputation among World and Ukrainian Universities”.

In October 2022, the Times Higher Education rating agency assessed SumDU as the best Ukrainian institution. First ever in history, it entered the top 401-500 world universities.

“According to webmetrics, there are over 30,000 universities on the planet. Therefore, SumDU belongs to 1.5-2% of the best educational organizations”, – stated Vasyl KARPUSHA.

SumDU managers focused on rating importance for the university in particular and for Ukraine in general.

“In June, Ukraine became a EU membership candidate. Along with political, economic and other cooperation, research and education must be developed as well. It is rating agencies that define institutional progress within international standards. Here, our position shows that we are proceeding properly with high acknowledgement”, – told Vasyl KARPUSHA.

“Today, there are many competitors. The stronger you are, the faster you win. The rating assessment reflects our advantages and disadvantages in further progress. All SumDU members aim at development (even in wartime conditions)”, – emphasized Anatolii VASYLIEV.

Journalists discussed SumDU rating positions and corresponding indicators. According to speakers, the best university values were academic and research reputation, Scopus indexing and citing, education internationalization. For example, SumDU completes grants and other projects. Also, the top 500 position recognizes the SumDU diploma in many countries automatically.

The best universities are usually believed to be in capitals. On the contrary, there are cases when well-known institutions are located in towns (Harvard or Oxford). It underlines a possibility to do the same in Sumy.

Wartime SumDU life was discussed as well. This year, the admission campaign proved to be successful: increase by 34% among entrants.

“The university keeps working and developing. We hold the educational front, which contributes to total victory”, – told Vasyl KARPUSHA.

The event was also visited by SumDU first-year students. Irrespective of the war, they seek both education and active life in Ukraine.