Post Date:
24 November 2022

In November 2022, SumDU is finishing the EU Erasmus+ 4-year project “Innovative Rehabilitation Training: New Master’s Curriculums in Ukraine” (REHAB: 598938-EPP-1-2018-1-LV-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP).

The project is being summed up. Further cooperation prospects are being discussed.

The project results are extremely relevant. Firstly, new EU Master’s standards and curriculums for Physical Therapy and Ergotherapy were developed and introduced into SumDU. Secondly, new textbooks and distant courses were created. Thirdly, the integrated Krok 2 test was tried. Fourthly, modern physical rehabilitation laboratories were established.

As a Ukrainian partner, SumDU was provided with a proper material, technical and methodological basis to enhance the Physical Therapy and Ergotherapy training.

According to Oleksandr BRIZHATYI (vice-rector for scientific and pedagogic work), the project realization is aimed at preparation of highly-skilled rehabilitation experts. Today, that is very important for our country.

Kostiantyn KYRYCHENKO (head of the International Affairs Department) deeply appreciated the Department of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Sports Medicine. The project completion resulted in the rehabilitation training improvement.