Post Date:
29 November 2022

On 20-24 November 2022, Mykola NAZAROV (head of the SumDU Regional Security Research Center, senior lecturer, the Department of Psychology, Political Science and Sociocultural Technologies) participated in resilience workshops. They took place in Tallinn.

This year, the topics of Ukrainian war, information security and cognitive resilience were discussed. Especially, the events concerned misinformation, conspiracy, hostile narratives through civil and religious organizations.

During the meeting, Mykola NAZAROV reported on wartime resilience in the Sumy Oblast. In his speech, the researcher described the national and social resilience idea with its realization in the Sumy community. “Misinformation and conspiracy are the most used Russian tools against Ukraine and allies. Consequently, it is a common task for government, researchers and citizens to understand, detect and eliminate hostile narratives,” – stated Mykola NAZAROV.

International resilience workshops were launched by the International Center for Defense and Security (ICDS) in Estonia since 2016. Within them, Ukrainian and NATO experts share experience and implement common initiatives. SumDU has been actively cooperating with the ICDS. In 2021, an international resilience workshop within the NATO program “Science for Peace and Security” was held in the SumDU Congress Center.