Post Date:
01 December 2022

To ensure the high-quality education, the Education Resilience Units were created at the university for students and lecturers. Founders are the SumDU Students’ Administration as well as the Institute of Business, Economics and Management.

The units are supplied with uninterruptible power and Wi-Fi. Here, visitors can do their home assignments regardless of blackouts.

Such units are located in the Main SumDU Campus. They work every day from 9 am till 7 pm. You may visit them by the Google appointment.

Among visitors of the Education Resilience Units, you can see both students and lecturers.

“Because of constant home blackouts, I do not always have an opportunity to work online. Today, it was my first visit to an Education Resilience Unit. I appreciate such a room deeply. Here, I am stably connected to students”, – says Zoia LEVCHENKO (a Physiology Department lecturer of the Medical Institute).

We are going to open more units in other SumDU locations.