Post Date:
11 January 2023

SumDU members have an opportunity to realize innovative practices of open education and science. It is based on the EU project “OSEE – Open Science and Education in Europe: Success Stories for Ukrainian Academia”. The latter is co-funded by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture EU Executive Agency within the Jean Monnet Erasmus+ direction.

The project comprised many famous experts of open science. Leading the Expert Group for EU Research Integration (the Science and Innovation Directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry for Education and Science), Hryhorii MOZOLEVYCH reported on “First Steps for Open Science National Planning”. Oleksandr BEREZKO (EURODOC president, manager of the project “Open Practices, Transparency and Integrity for Modern Academia”) considered the topic “Open Science is a Chance for Ukraine”. Artem ARTIUKHOV (head of the SumDU Academic Integrity Group, NAQA member) appealed to his speech “Open Science: International Projects and Events”. Yurii VOLK (OSEE coordinator) explained the main purpose and tasks, measures and products. Kostiantyn KYRYCHENKO (chief of the SumDU International Affairs Department) presented a complex approach to international project implementation and foreign university potential.

The project includes future webinars “Open Space: From Knowledge Generation to Innovation Transfer”, winter school “Open Science in Education and Research. The Best EU Experience”, round table “First Steps in Open Data and Resource Use (EU Experience for Ukraine)”, etc.

The project is going to provide open science principles in different Ukrainian regions. The idea consists in creating a new paradigm of open data use (via the best EU practices) and entering the European education and research spheres effectively.