Post Date:
09 September 2023

Before the Sports Day came, SumDU athletes talked online to Volodymyr ZELENSKYI (the Ukrainian President).

Among event visitors, there were Vasyl KARPUSHA (the SumDU rector), Oleksandr BRIZHATYI (the vice-rector) and coaches.

Totally, 29 educational institutions from Ukraine joined the meeting. Each could ask questions to the President. The participants were mostly interested in sports infrastructure development, recovery of damaged educational facilities, support of talented athletes and their return from abroad. Also, creation of rehabilitation facilities was discussed. Some visitors asked about President’s personal opinion on sports, his fitness secrets and favorite sports activities.

On behalf of SumDU athletes, Yevhen YEVDOKYMOV talked (a PhD student, university volleyball coach). He noted that SumDU leads not only in Ukrainian education and research but also in sports. Since the institution has great material and technical resources, he would like to keep developing sports career at his native Sumy State University. Yevhen’s question to Volodymyr ZELENSKYI concerned the further student sports development in wartime border regions.

Answering, the Ukrainian President underlined the high preparation level at SumDU (including sports as well).

“Thank you for the work in the border region. Your university is famous. We know how high the level of professional preparation is at SumDU. Your achievements are excellent, which is supplemented by sports success. I am grateful to everybody here for their contributions to sports development,” – stated Volodymyr ZELENSKYI.

According to the President, the only development opportunity is regional infrastructure protection. Here, border defense is very important.

Volodymyr ZELENSKYI congratulated athletes on the Sports Day. He noted that sports achievements are a valuable contribution to the great Ukrainian victory!