Post Date:
25 January 2024

Within the Twinning Initiative, SumDU received a humanitarian shipment from the University of Liverpool.

The equipment will meet laboratory needs for virtual and augmented reality as well as behavioral sciences.

The unique equipment functions were jointly tested by Vasyl KARPUSHA (rector), Anatolii CHORNOUS (vice-rector for scientific work), Kostiantyn KYRYCHENKO (head of the International Cooperation Department), Yurii ZUBAN (director of the E-Learning Center) and Oleksii LIULIOV (acting director of the BiEM Institute).

Potential directions of using innovative devices were discussed.

“The equipment will highly expand new research at SumDU”, – noted Anatolii CHORNOUS.

“Thanks to this equipment, we will be able to ensure the operation of video and webinar studios as well as that of the Ulab laboratory for virtual and augmented reality. The equipment comprises monopods and tripods, illuminators, on-camera monitors, microphones, webcams, an Apple Mac mini monoblock,” – said Yurii ZUBAN.

Also, devices can be applied by the BiEM laboratory of behavioral sciences. As Oleksii LIULIOV stated, such equipment will significantly increase the efficiency of research.

“Sumy State University was one of the first to join the Twinning Initiative. During 2023, our cooperation with the University of Liverpool was carried out in joint research, grant projects, academic mobility, professional development, etc. We have strong cooperation plans for 2024 as well,” – stated Kostiantyn KYRYCHENKO.

“The innovative equipment from Liverpool will expand the technological capabilities of our laboratories, increase the professional competence of specialists. I am sincerely grateful for the help that the United Kingdom has been providing for us since the full-scale invasion beginning. This kind of support is extremely valuable, it motivates to move forward!”, – commented Vasyl KARPUSHA.