Post Date:
03 February 2024

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) provided technical assistance to the SumDU Cybersecurity Department as a part of the project “Cybersecurity of Ukrainian Critical Infrastructure”.

The equipment will help rebuild and modernize the educational IT infrastructure. It includes 10 personal computers, 3 laptops, 2 powerful servers as well as network, telecommunication and peripheral equipment.

“We are very grateful to the USAID project for material support. It will allow us to improve the educational process and train qualified cybersecurity specialists. This is a significant investment to strengthen the cybersecurity industry”, – said Volodymyr LIUBCHAK (head of the Cybersecurity Department).

Currently, 90 cybersecurity experts study at Sumy State University. Thanks to USAID support, they have an opportunity to study and use modern cybersecurity technologies, conduct research and prepare for participation in student cybercompetitions.

Generally, the USAID cybersecurity project provides 5,000 pieces of equipment and 4,000 licenses for 25 universities. This is more than 50% of all Ukrainian higher education institutions that provide training in the specialty of cybersecurity and data protection. Most institutions that received the equipment suffered from shelling and bombing by Russia or lost their classrooms. So, the new computer equipment will help them resume the educational process.

For reference: The USAID project “Ukrainian Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity” works to reduce and potentially eliminate cybersecurity vulnerabilities in Ukrainian critical infrastructure sectors. It also develops new cybersecurity personnel, builds talent capacity and strengthens Ukrainian ability to prepare for cyberattacks.