22 May 2020

On May 21st, teachers of the Department of Journalism and Philology of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications held an online meeting with representatives of the British public organization Ethical Journalism Network Danica Ilik and Hannah Storm.

The purpose of the meeting was to establish cooperation within the DESTIN grant project in the development of online educational courses on media literacy for the general public.

The Department of Journalism and Philology coordinates the work package of the grant programme for the development of such courses and plans to launch a pilot course on the intra-university platform of SumDU "Examinarium". After that, courses developed by the other nine Ukrainian universities-partners of the DESTIN project will be presented in free access for all Internet users.

Educational courses will be free of charge and will cover media criticism, media production, and media systems. There will be a division by levels of complexity, which will provide accessible information for children and adults. The participant will be able to receive a certificate on completion of the course.

The parties agreed that the Ethical Journalism Network representatives will provide supporting materials for the development of educational courses.