03 June 2020

On May 29th-30th, Sumy State University hosted the International Scientific and Methodological Conference “Value-based approach in education and challenges of European integration”.

The conference was attended by the experts from Sumy State University, representatives of other national higher education institutions, as well as the University of Foggia (Italy), ISG University (Portugal), Jagiellonian University (Poland).

The participants' reports mainly concerned the axiological dimension of the European educational space, the role of education in forming of value principles of divided societies self-identification, the EU values in historical, legal, political, and pedagogical contexts and the agenda of sustainable development in education. The event also included a workshop on “Innovative methods of development of competencies and value orientations of secondary and higher education applicants”, during which the executors of the project “Enforcement of European Union Values in Ukraine” Vladyslava Zavhorodnia, the Head of the Department of International, European and Civil Law of SumDU Academic and Research Institute of Law, together with the Assistant of this Department Anna Slavko, shared their experience of implementing of a value-based approach into learning.

Despite the circumstances of distance conduction, the event became a convenient platform for communication among representatives of different educational institutions in Europe. Based on the results of a productive discussion and exchange of experiences, a collection of abstracts of participants' reports will be published.

This event was organized within the educational project “600115-EPP-1-2018-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE Enforcement of European Union Values in Ukraine”, co-financed by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the EU within the Jean Monnet Module of Erasmus+ programme. The educational project “European Values in Literary Arts” and the Ukrainian association of teachers and researchers of European integration co-organized this event.