Post Date:
15 April 2022

Oleksiy PLASTUN, Professor of the Department of International Economic Relations at SumDU, has created the blog in which he explains to Russians and all engaged readers how the world economy works and how the new toolbox of sanctions devalues the Russian currency.

The content of the blog is diverse, containing not only texts but also infographics and video comments, which helps to better perceive information. This is financial analytics based on real facts. The purpose of such a project is to reveal the truth to the Russians about their economic situation.

The target audience of the blog is Russian-speaking. The "Trading View" platform, where the materials are posted, allows you to build communication with the audience: put likes, leave comments, subscribe to the author, and "share" the page on social networks.

For Ukrainians, this blog is useful as it explains how critical the ruble exchange rate situation is in the neighboring country, as well as considers various sectors of the economy in terms of their profitability and efficiency in modern conditions.

Oleksiy PLASTUN quotes economic experts, politicians, and also actively uses the insider information. As of April 12, 26 publications "Chronicles of falling ruble" have already been published in the blog.