Post Date:
20 April 2022

More than ten "War Diaries" have been published on the pages of SumDU on social networks - stories of our students and teachers about the events of their lives after February 24.

The first diary was sent by Anastasia SABCHUK, a student majoring in “Journalism”. The girl told about how she left her native Trostyanets under fire and the sounds of shells, how she found out about the damaged windows in the buildings of SumDU, shared her emotions and faith in the future: "My native university, you will survive! And the whole Ukraine will survive! We will celebrate the victory on SumDU Square!”

Alexander BIRIN, the student of specialty “Medicine”, shared his memoirs and poems written under the influence of military events. The fear and confusion that the boy felt in the first days of the war was later transformed into creative energy and helped to rethink the surrounding reality: to help our soldiers and the affected population, the reason to reassess the values ​​in life and move on, for the sake of themselves and Ukraine".

Yana YEVDOKHIMOVA, the student at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technologies, says that she did not believe until the last moment that a war could break out and the world around her would change. "But one thing has remained the same”, the student says, "we want to return to university, live with a large family in the dormitory and just be happy people in peace!"

The future journalist Olga POKOYNA realized the essence of the war in 2014. The girl is from Donetsk region by origin. She sent her diary from Uzhhorod, where she is currently helping refugees. "I want to believe that the war will end soon, because there are so many victims," ​​Olha shares her emotions. "But we want not only this horror to end, we want our country to survive and win".

Foreign students who were in Sumy at the beginning of the war also joined the project #сумуду_щоденники_війни. The student of the Medical Institute Shveta Raj tells about the first days of the Russian invasion and evacuation. However, she is convinced that she will return to Sumy, because she knows: “No matter what happens, God will protect this place, and I will return here. This cannot be my farewell, Sumy is my second home. I have to go back".

Every day of the war is a whole story, common for the country, city, family, and unique for everyone. Yulia OPANASYUK, a senior lecturer at the Department of Management, says: “The worst day for me was the day when the city was without electricity. You are afraid that you will freeze, that there will not be enough water, but the worst thing is that there will be no light. And you will not be able to see the alarm, you will not have time to go down to the shelter, you will not be able to ask about relatives and friends". And then you have to take a difficult decision to go, overcome the way to Poland lasting five long days and organize the plans for the future, because "our country will need to be rebuilt! And it is WE who can make it even better”!

The university itself has its own daily history. According to Vice-Rector Oleksandr BRIZHATY, shelters for city residents, students and workers were organized in the basements of SumDU buildings and dormitories, shelters were equipped with additional lighting, water supply and medicines.

It was also decided to audit the inventory of chemical protection, to complete the size of gas masks and in case of chemical alarm - to ensure their issuance. This was done by the team consisting of university staff, teachers of the Department of Military Training and students of the Public Community "Sparta" of SumDU. Instructors were also trained to help the population with the procedure and use of personal protective equipment in the event of the chemical threat. The University Clinic provided online consulting and was ready to provide medical care if needed. Medical staff completed medical kits, prepared instructions for home care.

"SumDU has shown the effective work of management, employees, and volunteers in preparing for civil defense during the war and, we can assume, that it successfully passed the test", Alexander BRIZHATY said.

The project #сумуду_щоденники_війни is underway, and the organizers of the project are waiting for new stories, the pages of the big book of the future victory.

SumDU has survived, and you will survive!