Post Date:
22 April 2022

We continue a series of publications with stories from our international students about the changes in their lives since the military invasion. The hero of this interview is Mozes, a sixth-year student from Nigeria at the Medical Institute of Sumy State University.

"I have lived in Ukraine for five years, and my university has good educational standards. This is one of the things I like about it”, Mozes says who hopes to return to Ukraine.

How did you find out that Russia attacked Ukraine? What were your thoughts?

On the morning of February 24, between five and six o'clock in the morning, we heard that the capital had been bombed and realized that the war had already started. We understood that it was truth. This was the day when Russia attacked Ukraine. I was scared. I was really scared. We did not know what would happen next, especially when we learned that Sumy had been attacked. Then our tension increased.

Did you experience domestic difficulties due to the war? Did the university help you and your friends during the war? Has anyone talked to you?

I did not have any domestic difficulties. The university helped us. They fed everyone who needed it. And they gave water even when there was no water. Everyone was always in touch. As the head of the student union, I occasionally talked to the curators. And they constantly reassured us and helped us with everything needed.

How did you find out about the future evacuation? How was the evacuation process organized?

From my DoT account, I learned that there would be an evacuation from my embassy. I talked to the university administration and the embassy. And then we learned about the "green corridor" from Sumy. Then we just had to wait for the university to provide transportation. The Nigerian embassy together with the university administration organized an evacuation and we knew that we would be saved.

Would you like to continue your studies at SumDU? What do you miss most of all now?

I would like to continue my studies at SumDU. It’s my sixth year of study, so I'll lose a lot if I finish now. And I probably miss the intercultural events between Ukrainians and my fellow citizens. This is one of the things I miss the most. I have friends in Sumy and I would love to see them again.

What would you like to wish SumDU and Ukraine in particular?

I want to wish SumDU and Ukraine force to survive this time. I am sure that Ukraine will be the winner and the country will not be destroyed, and the spirit of solidarity will not fade. I know that SumDU will rise again. I know that Ukraine will prosper again.