Post Date:
29 April 2022

On April 21-22, the meeting of the Academic Council of Sumy State University was held, at which the issue of university functioning and development was considered in terms of martial law.

Vasyl KARPUSHA, the rector of SumDU, informed about the activities of the university and the main tasks of the participants of the meeting. He informed that due to the martial law the format of the work was changed, in particular, the amendments were made on the normative base. At the same time, the university feels optimistic about the future, the vast professional work is carried out, scientific projects are implemented, the publication activity is increased. “Ensuring the maximum quality of the education process is the priority of education activity in the difficult conditions of the wartime”, the rector said.

The vice-rector Inna SHKOLNYK informed about the expansion of innovative technologies in the university. She made focus on the state ecosystem of the education resources of SumDU, which allows the education process to be implemented properly in the conditions of tartial law. About 900 distance courses have been created at the university, about 2000 virtual simulators, over 1000 video materials, and about 210 thousand test tasks have been developed. “I am convinced that our university was and will be a leader in Ukraine in spreading innovative technologies for education”, Inna SHKOLNYK said.

The decision of the Academic Council concerns the continuation of the implementation of innovative technologies in the introduction of educational components and the creation of educational materials on e-learning platforms of the university as a priority for organizing the educational process in all forms of education, as well as, dissemination of innovative learning technologies during scientific and methodological seminars of departments on a systematic basis to analyze their use, promotion of the exchange of experience of research and teaching staff who use innovative technologies.

The first vice-rector of SumDU Serhiy LEONOV called on the participants to pay attention to the world's online educational platforms, such as Coursera, Udemy, and Edx, to actively use them in the educational process, and as a means of teacher training, to learn and disseminate it at the university.

Another issue on the agenda is the state and the task regarding expanding the integration of the university into the world’s scientific and educational space. The head of the department of international cooperation, Kostyantyn KYRYCHENKO, stated that in such a difficult time for Ukraine, strengthened international activity is a guarantee of strong support to overcome existing challenges. In recent weeks, SumDU has already received applications from about 100 partner institutions from more than 30 countries. Foreign higher education institutions offer numerous opportunities for academic mobility with scholarships, extend the stay of those who left until February 24, 2022, open access to the use of modern teaching and research, provide humanitarian assistance, and more. The possibility of direct financial support is also being considered.

At the same time, for the sake of further success, the university needs to increase the concentration of the efforts of all specialists: administration management, academics, and scientists. Anatoly VASILYEV is appealing to the maximum activity: “We have our own front, and we can imagine ourselves the part fighting for Ukraine!”