Post Date:
17 June 2022

Representatives of SumDU joined the Summer School of the University of Liverpool, a twin university of SumDU, in the framework of the project "Unity Initiative".

The Summer School of the University of Liverpool consists of modules dedicated to various areas and is conducted in online and offline formats. Participants are offered an intensive three-week program, after the successful completion of which it is expected to receive 15 ECTS credits. Topics of summer school modules are relevant for SSU and cover all university research areas. Lecturers of the modules are highly qualified specialists, teachers and instructors from the University of Liverpool and other leading UK freelancers.

As part of the cooperation, accessible places for each format of participation were provided to SumDU representatives.

Currently, 40 students, graduate students and research and teaching staff - representatives of various departments of SumDU - have started training in the online module "Sustainable Development Goals. Global Challenges. Local Actions. Achieved Outcomes ", dedicated to the goals of sustainable development and the challenges facing humanity in the 21st century.

During the training, SumDU representatives will have the opportunity to get acquainted with ways to solve social, environmental and economic problems of the present and future. The impact and results of global issues are studied on real examples. Upon completion of the training, participants are expected to write a final paper and present a presentation.

From July, the next group of participants from SumDU will start training in the second online module, "Fake News, Fake Science and Critical Thinking. What should I believe?", Which will be dedicated to the methodology of recognizing reliable sources of information, awareness of fake news on social networks, etc. Several representatives of SumDU will have the opportunity to participate in modules that will be held directly on the campus of the University of Liverpool.

Participation in the Summer School of the University of Liverpool will be a valuable and helpful experience for SumDU. It will promote further long-term cooperation and internationalization of higher education in Ukraine and the UK.