Post Date:
24 June 2022

At the meeting of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, held on June 21, the educational and academic program of training doctors of philosophy in specialty 072 "Finance, Banking and Insurance" was recognized as exemplary.

The best practices in the implementation of these educational programs are:

  • active international academic mobility of applicants and teachers, their participation in ERASMUS + grant projects;
  • created exemplary conditions for conducting research by graduate students, their involvement in the implementation of research and economic contractual topics with wages;
  • a strong teaching staff is involved, scientific guidance is provided by teachers with high publishing and research activity;
  • modern information and logistical support that allows for training and research at the level of world standards, etc.

SumDU trains doctors of philosophy in more than 20 educational and academic programs. Currently, the university has 7 educational and research programs for doctors of philosophy accredited by the National Agency, 5 of which are recognized as exemplary: "Economics", "Journalism", "Biology", "Medicine", "Finance, Banking and Insurance". Two more programs - "Law" and "Dentistry" - are accredited for 5 years.

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