Post Date:
21 July 2022

Teachers, graduate students and students of Sumy State University are active participants of academic mobility programs around the world.


International cooperation is one of the priority areas of activity of Sumy State University, and during the period of martial law, it has strengthened and hit stride: already developed connections with foreign colleagues have been intensified, new partnerships have been started. Currently, programs of virtual academic mobility are more actively implemented, but, if possible, our scientists do not miss the chance to undergo an internship in person, at the invitation of educational institutions from different countries of the world.


Representatives of Sumy State University, who are participants in academic mobility programs, talked about their experience of establishing cooperation with foreign colleagues.


Olena OVSIANKO, a senior lecturer at the Department of Germanic Philology of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications, is in the Netherlands, where she participates in the academic mobility program in the form of scientific research at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics. It is the only institute in the world that is exclusively engaged in the research of psycholinguistics. The institute houses one of the world largest archives of language data: records of more than 200 languages, scientists from 25 countries of the world work. The main activity of Olena OVSIANKO is focused on conducting research in the scientific laboratory "Cultural Brain Lab" at the Department of Psychology of Language.

Marina UTKINA, a senior lecturer at the Department of Criminal Law and Judiciary at the National Institute of Law, participates in the academic mobility program in the form of scientific research at the University of York, which is one of the TOP-10 universities in Great Britain, where she researches the topic "Legal principles of financial monitoring implementation", searches for scientific literature in the area of research and carries out a comparative analysis of the legislation of the two countries.

Hanna DYADCHENKO, a senior lecturer at the Department of Language Training for Foreign Citizens of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications, took part in academic mobility in the form of teaching within the EU Erasmus+ program.

During the period of participation, the teacher has conducted classes on the discipline "Development of communicative speech", has exchanged experiences and has acquired new competencies regarding the organization of remote studying, the creation and effective use of e-learning educational programs during her internship at the Palacky University (Olomouc, Czech Republic).

Senior lecturer of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection Technologies of the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficiency Technologies Iryna ABLIEYEVA, is currently participating in the academic mobility program in the form of a research internship in Sweden, based at Linköping University on the topic: "Biofertilizers of anaerobic digestate: a sustainable way to increase the global carbon content in the soil". As part of the implementation of the academic mobility program, participation in seminars and conducting scientific research on the basis of the laboratory of the thematic research department is foreseen.

The scientist says that she was invited to the internship by Linköping University professor Alex Enrich PRAST, whom she met back in 2019 - then he offered to work on a common topic. A Memorandum of Understanding between our universities was signed and a STINT grant was received.

As a result of participation in academic mobility programs, joint publications of research in scientific journals, further deepening of academic ties with educational institutions in different countries of the world are planned.