Post Date:
08 August 2022

On August 6, the online meeting of representatives of Sumy State University with representatives of ESD Consortium Aichi, Japan International Cooperation Agency and industrial companies of Aichi prefecture (Japan) was held.

The prospects of cooperation between Sumy State University and Japanese universities and organizations in the technical field were discussed. First of all, the representatives of Sumy State University familiarized their colleagues with developments and plans in various directions.

In particular, Prof. Vitaly IVANOV, head of the Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Machine and Tools, presented the educational and scientific activities of the university during the martial law using the example of engineering. The scientist also presented a long-term development plan for engineering education, opportunities for joint cooperation in scientific activities with Japanese universities and organizations in the areas of mechanical engineering, in particular, smart manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and materials science. Particular attention was paid to the needs of modern engineering education. Mykola NAZAROV, the head of the Research Center for Regional Security, made a thorough review of the current situation in Sumy Oblast in medicine, education, and industry focusing on destroyed infrastructure facilities. Khrystyna BERLADIR, the executive secretary of the selection board of the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy-Efficient Technologies, outlined the trends of admission companies for engineering specialties of Sumy State University, emphasized the competencies acquired by graduates of engineering educational programs. Ivan PAVLENKO, the professor of the Department of Computer Mechanics named after V. Martsynkovskyj, shared the experience of the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy-Efficient Technologies in the organization of scientific activities, including the success of education seekers of engineering specialties participating in student competitions on research activities. Yuriy MERZLIAKOV, the director of the department of pre-university education and career guidance, described the cooperation of Sumy State University with secondary education institutions, emphasized the importance of popularizing engineering education among young people. Yana MYSNYK, an English teacher of Public Educational Institution Sumy Specialized School No. 9 of levels 1-3, presented positive experience of involving student youth in the projects: "STEM Girls", "Energy-efficient schools: a new generation", etc.

The representatives of the Japanese side expressed readiness to deepen the partnership with Sumy State University, in particular, taking into account the previous positive experience of cooperation with Prof. Vitaliy IVANOV within the framework of the "Industrial Technological Education" program, which was implemented with the support of the Japan International Cooperation Agency. Professor Hidetoshi Miyakawa noted this in his speech. He highly appreciated the achievements of Sumy State University and the potential of the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy-Efficient Technologies. In turn, Prof. Kazuhiro KITAMURA and the representative of the industrial company, Mr. Mitsuhiko YAMADA, announced the possibility of providing our university with technical support, and prof. Toshiyuki KAMADA proposed to develop an action plan for joint research in the field of smart manufacturing. The participants of the meeting also touched on the importance of engineering education in Ukraine in the context of the current situation. Prof. Naomi HISANAGA drew attention to the tools and directions that would require attention to restore the infrastructure of the country.

The parties agreed to discuss further steps of cooperation at the next meeting.

To attention. ESD Consortium Aichi (https://esd-aichi.com/) is an organization whose activities are aimed at promoting education for the sustainable development of educational institutions in Aichi Prefecture (Japan).

Japan International Cooperation Agency (https://www.jica.go.jp/) is a government agency that coordinates official development assistance, promotes economic and social growth in developing countries and their international cooperation.