Post Date:
11 August 2022

Sumy State University is increasingly becoming a center of European values ​​and standards in Ukraine. Confirmation of this is a record number, 11 projects of the "Jean Monet" direction of the EU Erasmus+ program received as a result of the 2022 competition and with an additional submission already during martial law (2021 - 10, 2020 - 7).

The projects were won by all institutes and faculties of Sumy State University without exception: economists and marketers, IT specialists and engineers, linguists, lawyers, and doctors. The issues of the projects are extremely relevant and important both for the university and for our country. Among them, there are projects related to the implementation of regenerative technologies in biomedicine, the strategy of building green campuses, protection of the financial system from cyber threats, the implementation of EU mechanisms aimed at countering modern challenges and threats, bioenergy innovations in waste management, migration to the EU, promotion of sustainable development of education through the language of the brand. There are 3 years of active realization and implementation of European values ​​in the activities of the university by new project teams.

In total, 92 projects of the "Jean Monet" direction have been recommended for financing in Ukraine.

Sumy State University sincerely congratulates the academic teaching staff of project winners, who took forces in difficult wartime to prepare projects, the implementation of which would be important for the recovery of the country after the victory.

We wish our project teams successful project implementation and sustainable results.

For reference: Taking into account the results of 2022, Sumy State University currently has 34 projects under the "Jean Monet" direction of the EU Erasmus+ program.

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