Post Date:
01 October 2022

Dear colleagues!

I sincerely congratulate you on our professional occasion and 74th anniversary of founding SumDU!

Each of us, at school or university, keeps memories about favorite teachers. You may have one or several such persons. However, it is these people (like our parents) who we ask for advice to make an important decision.

Teachers and parents assist in forming individual’s character, defining life goals and fate. Besides, they arm with knowledge and ultimate patriotism. The enemy has already assessed firmness, reliability and strength of this Ukrainian weapon.

Therefore, I would like to acknowledge SumDU educators and researchers for creating intellectual and patriotic Ukrainian elite. Dear colleagues, let me express my deepest respect for your tireless work, skills and national awareness.

Everybody has contributed into SumDU progress. In spite of war challenges, our 74-year-old university meets them with new achievements in research, education and other branches.

SumDU is proud of its graduates and staff. It is holding a stable academic front for Ukrainian benefit!

Let our community succeed in science, health and welfare. Let your family be strong. Believe in Ukrainian victory and SumDU development!

Best regards,
Vasyl KARPUSHA (SumDU rector)