01 July 2020

The Ministry of Education and Science has developed guidelines for the organization of blended learning in higher and professional higher education institutions. Yurii Zuban, the Director of the Organizational and Methodological Center of E-learning Technologies at Sumy State University, worked on the creation of training instructions as part of the Ministry of Education and Science workgroup.

A team of Ukrainian specialists who successfully implemented blended learning in their institutions were invited to the development. The guidelines on blended learning quality assurance were sent to the heads of institutions and posted on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science.

The document provides advices on the regulatory and technological base for the organization of blended learning, staff training and planning of the learning process.

Heads of the institutions and teachers will be able to use the guidelines for creating or adapting training courses, planning learning outcomes and effective assessment of student performance, examples of blended learning models, and other supporting materials in preparation for the new academic year.

The organization of blended learning is impossible without the use of e-learning platform. Sumy State University has created its own developments for the optimization of interactive educational content, a powerful technological and methodological base, including the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies. The achievements of SumDU are included in the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Science.