On 23rd of March the session of the rectorate took place online due to quarantine at SumDU. Henceforth rectorates and other meetings will be conducted online.

SumDU rector Anatoliy Vasylyev disclosed a number of normative documents according to which the university staff is working in the period of precautionary measures. In particular, the question was about ensuring of a stable educational process for the students of all the modes of study, including the possible defences of qualification papers via distance technologies. There were no changes in the educational process schedule.

Due to the All-Ukrainian quarantine the education process of all the modes of study in the university is conducted in the distance mode. Andrii Loboda, Director of the Medical Institute of SumDU, told about the organization of medical students’ education on the air of “CTC” TV channel.

He noted that SumDU system of distance learning under conditions of quarantine proved its effectiveness. Teachers and students have corporate electronic cabinets via which due to mobile devices the communication of the educational process participants is conducted online, sending the tasks, their checking etc.

Due to quarantine conditions Sumy State University has an opportunity to assist education institutions with organizing of the students’ distance learning. The university has 20 years of experience in implementation of different modes of electronic education, its own eco-system of training resources and the network of centers all over Ukraine.

On March 15th 2000 Sumy State University founded the faculty that united several departments of humanitarian direction.

Under the conditions of all-Ukrainian quarantine, SumDU Psychological Counselling Service continues to work and provide individual counseling services to higher education applicants, graduate students, teachers and staff of the University.

According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 25.03.2020 about introduction of emergency situation regime in entire territory of Ukraine, the quarantine is continued till April 24th 2020. This measure is taken to stop the coronavirus infection COVID-19 from spreading.

The educational process of all the modes of study in the university for the period of quarantine will be conducted via distance technology (normative documents from 12.03.2020, 17.03.2020, 19.03.2020).

Also, public events are cancelled till the situation is stabilized. Terms of quarantine may be altered depending on the epidemic situation in Ukraine.

Materials about safety during quarantine:

On March 2nd, Volodymyr Semynozhenko, the Head of the North-East Scientific Center of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine presented the Rector of SumDU Anatoliy Vasylyev with NASU Memorable Award.

The representatives of Czech leading company “Škoda Transportation”, namely Vice President Liumir Tesarzh, HR Manager Yakub Karel, Chief Technology Officer Alesh Stulyk, Director of “Skoda Transportation Ukraine”Kostiantyn Zhyzhko, visited Sumy State University on February 25th.

The competition was held at SumDU swimming pool. There were more than 130 pupils and students among the participants. They competed for 60 sets of awards within three age categories, namely 2007 year of birth and younger, 2005-2006 year of birth, 2004 and older.

SumDU vocal studio group participated in All-Ukrainian festival of professional art “Charivnyi Kamerton” (held with support of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine) as well as in the International Festival of Art “If you love...” that took place in Dnipro.