Dear colleagues, students, friends of Sumy State University!

During the last difficult days, Sumy State University has received appeals in support of and condemning Russia's unprovoked military aggression from almost 100 partner organizations in more than 30 countries. Among them there are leading higher education institutions, international academic associations, and well-known private companies.
Medical University – Pleven, Bulgaria

In the format of the meeting of the Council of fellow-countrymen’s associations of foreign students, the rector of the University Vasyl KARPUSHA met with the heads of student communities who are authoritative representatives of SumDU student community of their countries.

Due to the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, from February 26, the educational process at Sumy State University was stopped, and the holidays were announced for two weeks, until March 13 inclusive.

Dear students and employees of Sumy State University!

Each of you can do an essential thing - donate blood for the needs of the wounded, who are taken to medical facilities in the region.

Today our country and in particular Sumy region endured massive bombing and invasion by troops of Russian Federation.

In these conditions, we carried-out our maximally available activities to ensure safety of our students and staff, as well as their families, which suddenly became a top priority for all of us.

On February 20, on the basis of the Center for Collective Use of Scientific Equipment “Biomedical Research Center” of the Academic and Research Medical Institute of Sumy State University the “Winter School of the Young Scientist” was held.

As per the results of the February 2022 version of the world Transparent Ranking from Webometrics, SumDU Repository is the first among the institutional repositories of Ukraine in terms of the number of documents indexed by Google Scholar (61,700). Our repository is on the 35th place among 3,751 institutional repositories of the world and on the 45th place among 3,885 repositories of the world.

On February 4, at the staff conference, the results of Sumy State University activities of 2021 were summed up and the development plan was determined for 2022.

On February 4, Sumy State University was visited by Shai FINKELSTEIN, Chief Executive Officer of the company ”World Academic Online”, Israel.