We continue a series of publications with stories from our international students about the changes in their lives since the military invasion. The hero of this interview is Mozes, a sixth-year student from Nigeria at the Medical Institute of Sumy State University.

Sumy State University facilitated the performance of the puppet show for young residents of the regional center.

More than ten "War Diaries" have been published on the pages of SumDU on social networks - stories of our students and teachers about the events of their lives after February 24.

Oleksiy PLASTUN, Professor of the Department of International Economic Relations at SumDU, has created the blog in which he explains to Russians and all engaged readers how the world economy works and how the new toolbox of sanctions devalues the Russian currency.

On April 5, the online meeting of representatives of the Department of Journalism and Philology of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications of Sumy State University with colleagues from Germany, teachers of audiovisual arts at the University of Mainz named after Johann Gutenberg (Rhineland-Palatinate) was held.

Rector of Sumy State University Vasyl KARPUSHA commented on the results of the first week of the educational process after the forced vacation due to martial law.

On April 7, Sumy State University hosted a meeting on the participation of sportsmen in the 6th European University Games (Lodz 2022).

Competitions are held every 2 years. This year it will take place in the Polish city Lodz from the 16th to the 30th of July.

The participants of the meeting discussed several topical issues, in particular, the project of representation of university teams in sports, the preparation of personalized lists of sportsmen,  and the features of the organization of the training process in the buildings of SumDU.

Vladyslav MASLOV, the head of the regional branch of the Physical Education and Sports Committee of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science, said that within the next few days the state universities would be determined to participate in the European University Games, and the direct participants in sports will be known by May 15.

Honorary Rector of SumDU, the head of the separate branch of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Student Sports Union of Ukraine" in the Sumy region Anatoly VASYLIEV stressed the importance of participation of our athletes in mentioned competitions. He emphasized that the university was working in this difficult time, the educational process was continuing in the form of remote study, teachers and staff were ensuring the vital function of the institution.

According to the vice-rector for academic and research work Oleksandr BRIZHATY, the sports facilities of the university are ready to provide the training process to prepare for the games.

Sumy State University has submitted the preliminary application for the participation of 9 teams in 5 sports: Judo (men, women), beach volleyball (men, women), as well as men's teams in 3x3 basketball, beach handball, volleyball, handball, and basketball.

The coaches outlined the current state of teams in various sports, voiced the working moments regarding preparation for the competition in the current conditions.

It is expected that about 70 athletes of SumDU will take part in the European University Games.


Students of Sumy State University have returned to remote studying. Given that the participants of the educational process are currently in different conditions, different cities, and even countries, the university has provided the most favorable environment for everyone. How did the students perceive the return to study?

What do the media write about Sumy State University in different countries of the world? Employees of SumDU Media Center made a detailed review. We offer to get acquainted with the publications of world information resources on the resumption of the educational process.

"After the imposition of martial law and the start of hostilities on Ukrainian territory, the educational process at the university was stopped. However, the resumption of online classes has been announced since April 1.

Journalists from “The Free Press Journal” wrote about the remote studying of Indian students. In the publication it is said that the students evacuated from Ukraine started studying in middle of March. However, students from Sumy and Kharkiv returned to their homeland much later, due to the unsafe situation in these cities, classes here will start later, approximately in April. The foreigners say that after the coronavirus pandemic, they have used to remote studying, so they know the peculiarities of the educational process online, but anyway they would like to start face-to-face classes in Ukraine as soon as possible.

Since the first days of the war, Sumy State University has been working to provide foreign students with necessary products and goods and resolve the issue of evacuation. Tetiana MAIBORODA, the coordinator of foreign students, told the British newspaper “METRO” about this and many other things. She also stressed that the situation in Sumy was complicated by the proximity to the Russian border because on the first day of the war the city was already surrounded by enemy troops. According to Ms. Tatiana, students from Ecuador, Ghana, Nigeria, India, and Turkey went to Lviv after the "green corridor" and later moved to Poland. "When the war started, there was great panic among Ukrainians and foreigners, and when everyone started going to the borders, long queues appeared. Many people were walking in cold weather, and no one was ready for so many people to cross the border. A rule was formed: first women with children were allowed to cross the border, then women and then men. On the first day there was a mess and because of this the reports on discrimination appeared, but we explained to our students about the categories of people, now they know the rules and are ready to follow the established order", so the SumDU representative commented on rumors of disrespectful attitude to black students at the border. Now, when the foreigners are safe and secure, the university will focus on organizing the learning process in the most comfortable environment.

In comments to “THE HINDU”, the Indians say they will not yet decide to move to other universities. It will be difficult to study in Europe because the educational courses and the program are different there. The educational process at Ukrainian medical universities is similar to that in Romania, Georgia, Bulgaria, and Armenia, but students do not want to move to these countries. The graduate of SumDU Medical Institute said that he would be glad to return to Sumy after the war: “I want to come back to Ukraine when the war is over. It took me about two years to get used to the way of life and the environment. We even studied the Ukrainian language as part of our curriculum".

Representatives of Sumy State University noted that as the foreign students had been evacuated from Sumy, the higher education institution will continue to work in other areas. Mykola NAZAROV, the head of the Center for Regional Security Research, told about future work in wartime conditions in the interview with the Swedish newspaper “Sydsvenskan”. The European audience is interested in learning more about Ukrainian education, its realities and prospects.

"These students were forced to flee Ukraine. Now the only thing they want is to finish their studies”. This is the headline of the publication on the “GLOBAL CITIZEN” website. SumDU students from Nigeria said that they had spent their whole lives in Ukraine, where they wanted to return as soon as possible. They also mentioned the difficult period before the evacuation, but now they worry about the continuation of their studies. The representative of the university, Deputy Director for Coordination of Cooperation with International Students Tetiana MAIBORODA spoke about the safety of students and the continuation of the educational process: "They ask me the questions like: “Will we continue our work through the Internet?” or “When will we resume work?”, or “How will we finish our studies?”, and “How will we get diplomas?” as for many of them three months had been left before graduation. They spent so many years here and were going to graduate, but now they do not know what will happen next. Of course, many of them expect peace to return to Ukraine, and it melts the heart".

The whole world is concerned about the future of Ukrainian education in terms of the war. The Norwegian publication “Khrono” published comments by Andriy LOBODA, head of SumDU Department of Medicine. As per his words, remote studying will resume on April 1, and the university will provide a variety of learning opportunities for its students: "We are also working with partner universities abroad to organize internships for our foreign students in academic mobility and bilateral agreements".

On March 15 and 16 on the live broadcast of the British radio "BBC" the head of the Center for Regional Security Research of SumDU Mykola NAZAROV spoke about public sentiments in Sumy, preservation of city infrastructure, and humanitarian corridors. The fate of foreign students evacuated from the city and transported to other countries after 12 days of occupation, was mentioned in the conversation.

The optimistic prognosis regarding the medical training was depicted by “The Indian Express” journalists. Yes, it is known that Ukrainian universities are gradually resuming distance studying. In particular, the educational process at SumDU will start on April 1. There is a problem with practical classes, so Ukrainian universities ask Indian ones for help in organizing internships for their students. Of course, these countries have different medical programs, but in the current realities, such a decision will facilitate the acquisition of knowledge for students of medical specialties.

The university continues to work even in these difficult conditions. Positive patriotic sentiments prevail here, so everyone: both students and employees believe that life will soon be better, and SumDU will continue to provide quality education to all comers. The world supports us, so everything will be fine”!

On the eve of the war, the intensive training on mobile photography was organized in the coworking center of Sumy State University. The organizers are the team of the “Studio 16x9” media agency of SumDU Media Center and the student self-government of the university.